Elevate Your Style: 10 Essential Tips for the Modern Gentleman
Master the art of refined elegance and elevate your style game with these 10 essential tips. From high-end accessories to cultivating charisma, discover how to leave a lasting impression wherever you go.
The Ties That Bind: Why Leather Bracelets are Great Gifts for Dads
This coming Father’s Day give your dad something he will both like and will strengthen your bond with him. A leather bracelet may just be the best gift you can give your dad. Here are some reasons why


Top Trends for Men's Jewelry
One of the best ways to keep your look current is with jewelry which defines your style. Trends change, but classics never go out of style. For this reason, Team Forziani created this easy guide for men to choose their jewelry and stay updated on the latest trends.
Introducing The Prism Collection

The Prism Collection inspires you to explore the excitement of travelling into the unknown; to pursue precious dreams in realms of your subconscious and see the possibilities in a brilliant new light.

Hate Quarantine? Hype Yourself Up For Future Adventures Instead!

Don’t beat yourself down during a lockdown. There’s always something better to look forward to! Check out these simple tips to make the most out of self-quarantine.

Managing Your Emotions During a Lockdown

Anxiety and depression aren’t what you need to experience while cooped up at home. Here are some easy yet efficient ways to protect your mental health during a lockdown.

How You Can Use Gemstones to Release Fear and Instill Strength

Gemstones are believed to have the ability to hold energy. That is why since ancient times people have incorporated stones in their daily lives to attract positive new energy and release old patterns of fear and negative energy.

SS20 / Mens Stacks Lookbook

Featuring pieces from our SS20 accessories collection. Inspired by the love of travel and the element of wanderlust present in each one of us, our men’s bracelet stacks are designed to add a stylish touch to your look all year round.

The Modern Man's Guide To Jewelry

At Forziani we believe in "Affordable Luxury." Our jewelry gets men looking stylish and dapper at fraction of the cost for jewelry available at retail stores.

Out and About in the City
When you are up and about in the city, you need accessories which are uncomplicated yet make a statement. This feature article shows you how to style your accessories with a modern flair.
Introducing The Aqua Terra Collection
Aqua Terra takes our iconic men's designs and turns up it up a notch with its styling of classic designs in contemporary trends. Metals, Leather, Stone Beads zoned with Aqua, Terra, Fire & Aether.
FW19 // Accessories Lookbook
Featuring pieces from our FW19 accessories collection. Elegance Defined.
New Trends in Men's Jewelry
With style inspiration coming from Instagram influencers and cool friends over social media, most men don’t feel the need for validation from stylists anymore and are carving out their own space in jewelry and fashion at an astronomical speed.
How to Zen on weekend and set yourself up for a successful week

Is your survival instinct killing you? Modern day living is a 24x7 aggravated assault on our sensibilities. Be it work demands, personal challenges or social life upkeep, our time and lives are on call non-stop. 

Modern Jewels - A Digital Lookbook

 Set in suburban Orlando, Modern Jewels explores the transition of style from runways to meaningful everyday pieces. #JOINFORZIANI


FW18 // Accessories Lookbook

Featuring pieces from our FW18 accessories collection. Style Made Simple.

Be Bold - Be You | Dynamis

Dynamis pieces attuned to millennial sensibilities, help you along on this journey of self discovery with fluid, modern designs featuring powerful symbols and ancient talismans.


Do you need a Map or a Compass...?

Do you know where you are headed in life? Are you trying to find your own way? Do you think your answers to important questions will remain the same next year or will they change?

Premium Leather Bracelets


Our Luxurious men's bracelets hand-crafted in finest Italian Nappa leather and embellished with 316L stainless steel symbols and Forziani logo locks.


Russell Brand : A Spiritual Success Story
Russell Brand is an artist and actor turned an anti-drugs activist. With a past of troubled childhood, tumultuous youth and career fame, it was easy for him to loose track of reality and even harder to get back on track.
Exploring Key West | Florida

Team Forziani goes Deep Sea Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean | Key West Florida