Hate Quarantine? Hype Yourself Up For Future Adventures Instead!

Times are challenging. From having to isolate and practice social distancing, everyone has a beef with quarantine, but we need to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

These circumstances do not need to stop you from living a life of adventure. Granted, you can't go out and have fun as much - but don't let that stop you from preparing for a life of travel and excitement in days to come.

But why prepare? Simply put, preparation can be an adventure in itself. Besides, you'd want to be your best self when things open back up it's time to explore, right? Check out these simple lockdown tips to help you unlock your full potential:

Get into a Healthy Routine

Hype up your future adventures by making sure you are physically capable of overcoming anything that you may face out in the wild. And don't let you being stuck indoors stop you from being a beast. You can still commit to a workout routine even without gym equipment.

At the very basic level, an efficient lockdown workout routine will be composed of these exercises:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Lunges
  • Plank rotations

Three to five rounds of these exercises should let you feel the burn!

Be Creative with Your Workout Equipment

What about weight training? Do you miss those weights in your gym? Can't workout without the comfort of those fancy training equipment? Worry not. Simulate gym equipment right in the comfort of your home with these household items:

  • BBQ Sauce Containers - can replace dumbbells for shoulder press routines.
  • Water Jugs - perfect for those bicep curls and squats.
  • Paint Buckets - work your upper back strength by lifting these buckets.
  • Backpacks - a nice supplement to your lunges (the additional weight in your backpack offers an additional level of difficulty/satisfaction!).

The point is, you have what you need to keep yourself fit indoors - you just need to open your eyes and see what you can use!

Time to Inspect and Maintain Your Gear

You've got more than enough time during a lockdown. Why not make it extra productive?

Aside from keeping fit, sorting, cleaning, and maintaining your adventure gear is a good way to hype yourself up for better tomorrows.

You have no excuses now to get those outdoor gear of yours clean. Besides, it'll do you a lot of good cleaning your stuff. The more you travel, the higher the chance for your gear to pick up various microbes, pollen, seeds, etc. Although considered as low-risk dangers towards anyone's health, making sure your gear is free from these contaminants is way better off than having a chance of getting something weird from it.

Additionally, inspecting your gear of any damage should save you both the time and convenience of dealing with any repair once you're ready to travel. This is the perfect time to do everything you'd need for your gear. Do it to get ready for your big adventure!

Learn Something Beneficial Everyday

Speaking more about time, self-quarantine also offers you great opportunities to learn new skills. And these skills do not need to solely apply for your adventures - you can learn more to help you cope with other situations that you may face in your life soon.

For starters (and being adventure-centric), try searching for videos on how to tie knots. Is it boring? Shift your perspective! Think on how these knots can help you out - these may just save your life in the wild!

Another is coding. Woah - how'd we get there? Learning a coding language can be considered as an adventure as well. You know the thrill of speaking a foreign language during a trip? The same experience can be felt learning how to code. Best of all, if you start getting the hang of it, is that you can actually earn from coding!

The point of the matter is that you can learn a lot of beneficial skills during a lockdown. You just need to explore (see how much of an adventure this is?)!

Prioritize Your Mental Health

You need to make sure you are okay. And that means both physically and mentally.

These times may drag you down. That's a given. All this dark news. All those sob stories on social media. All those rants on how we should deal with this thing we're all in.

Now, breathe.

Slowly change the way you see things. Instead of diving into those dark news, focus on what else is there to stay updated on. Instead of those sob stories, seek out inspiring tales instead. Instead of rants (or ranting), go for a proactive movement instead (if you can, reach out and connect to others instead!).

There's so much beauty in the world. And even during this dark period we are all in, we can still choose to do better. Don't we all owe that to those people in the actual frontlines fighting the disease? Don't we all owe that to those diagnosed but still clinging on to hope?

We can all do better. Start being better by having a more positive mindset.

Full Potential During Lockdown

A nice step towards that positive mindset (and also towards that bright adventurous future) is accessorizing yourself with sacred and positive energy.

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We Will Get Through This Together

Hold on, stay positive, and make the most out of your time. We can all get through this together! Keep it safe and healthy during self-quarantine!

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