New Trends in Men's Jewelry

Don’t be surprised when you see more men than ever wearing rings, bracelets and necklaces, lead by celebrities – like Jay-Z, David Beckham, Korean top pop singer Woohyun. Men’s Jewelry trends have been on an upswing for a number of years and industry figures say social media, especially Instagram has influenced a lot of men to shed their inhibitions and define their style like a pro.   

With style inspiration coming from Instagram influencers and cool friends over social media, most men don’t feel the need for validation from stylists anymore and are carving out their own space in jewelry and fashion at an astronomical speed. Men’s fashion weeks are a solid concept now, having started a few years back and global sales of men’s luxury jewelry is growing at a faster rate than women’s luxury jewelry segment.

As per a recent study by McKinsey and company, annual global sales of luxury jewelry at $166  Billion is expected to grow at a healthy clip of 5 to 6 percent each year, totaling $280 Billion by 2020. Luxury Jewelry is all set to made a big comeback for both men and women. At Forziani we have carried forward the concept of luxurious and meaningful jewelry for men since 2011 and look forward to this exponential rise in jewelry trends for men in coming years!

As a team we put together some tips and tricks to avoid FOMO and look modern and dashing, while defining and adhering to your personal style with luxurious jewelry:

 1. Bracelets:

Bracelets have been the most popular jewelry trend for men since beginning and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Currently stacking of bracelets is the hottest trend with millennials but if that is not for you, it is okay and you could start safely with a single bracelet on your wrist. 

A bracelet should not be the highlight of your outfit but it should adorn your wrists for a more sophisticated look. At Forziani, our classic collection of leather bracelets are the most popular and with easy going style, they can be worn both with formal as well as casual outfits. Go for gemstone beaded bracelets if you're looking for some meaning and purpose from your pieces and for stainless steel bracelets if street wear is more your style. For edgy souls out there, we also have some badass pieces at Forziani which will redefine your outfit with a rebellious touch. 

2. Rings:

 Wedding rings are not the only rings men wear now. Multiple finger rings are another new jewelry trend for men, which actually has been on the rise consistently since last few years. Whether it be Harry Styles or Russell Brand, multiple finger stacking rings are In right now! From band rings to bolder statement rings, your finger accessories can make much better a statement than anything else in your outfit. 

Unique mens rings match up to different personality and interest styles, just like bracelets. If you are into more of a casual look then tungsten band rings will be perfect for you. They are simple and add an effortless touch of elegance. Sophisticated black tie events also suit tungsten band rings. If you're looking for more of a Rockstar look, then large skull or biker style rings will get the message across. At Forziani we have a dedicated collection of men's rings which go from simple band rings to band rings with a ridged or faceted texture and come in Stainless Steel, Forged Carbon, Sterling Silver or Tungsten metals. 

3. Necklaces:

If you have been keeping a close eye on fashion catwalks or celebrities recently, you must have noticed an uptick in men wearing pendants, chains and necklaces to the hilt. This is definitely a new trend, noticeable more and more now. Chains for men have been popular since a long time, think Jay-Z, Drake, Justin Timberlake amongst others. But now large pendants and tags on chains and beaded necklaces for men are in higher demand. 

Again choose your necklace or chain, depending on your lifestyle and occasion you would wear it to. A noticeable chain always adds a sexy vibe to any outfit and works best for work wear or official client meetings. However, tags and pendants on chains look great for a more casual, weekend setting. If travel time is on horizon, try flaunting a beaded necklace which not only adds a dashing element  to your outfit, but also adds a spiritual blessing and meaning to your jewelry. 

4. Earrings:

Starting out essentially as a hip hop piece of jewelry favored by rappers, earrings today have become a style statement revered by style aficionados across the globe. Earrings are probably the most visible piece of jewelry on you, since everything else can be hidden with apparel you wear. A single earring on one earlobe has been more common for men, but recently earrings in both ears is gaining traction as well.

If you haven’t tried it yet but are interested in hopping on to this trend wagon, you can always start out slow, wearing a small stud in one ear. Larger statement making earrings for men though, can elevate your style level to fit up right there with celebrities.

Whether you work in the corporate field, run your own business or are in a service industry, try creating your own individual jewelry style for work, leaning more towards subtle pieces. However, for your evening wear and for weekends or vacations you can choose to be more dapper and experiment with bolder mens jewelry pieces.

Try out different styles and techniques which make you feel like you, and then ask your friends or family as to their opinion on which look suits your style more comprehensively. Don’t forget that you can always mix and match and try out different variations of jewelry with the same outfit to figure out what looks the best on you!

Af Forziani, we have been hand crafting mens jewelry from premium leathersmetals and gemstones beads since our inception. Powered by Italian design aesthetics and American style influences, our jewelry for men is one of the finest in the luxury jewelry industry. Since we sell straight to customer with no middlemen involved, our prices are low and also the best on the industry. From Italian premium leather to authentic gemstone beads to 316L stainless steel our materials are genuine, high quality and always nickel and lead free.

When you buy a Forziani piece of jewelry, you are assured of highest in class quality, genuine materials and near perfect craftsmanship. With global logistics, we also ship worldwide and you are sure to find your next or first favorite piece of jewelry at ⌘ 

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