Do you need a Map or a Compass...?

In an age that seems to reward speed and over-confidence, it's tempting to look for a map. The shortest, fastest, and easiest way to get where you think you want to go (or worse, where others think you should want to go). The problem with maps is that they can only take you where others have already been. They can't reveal the best course or a new course for you. Only a compass can do that.

Stop doing what you’re told. Ditch the status quo, the tried and true, the mundane. Chart your own path. Follow your inner calling. Journey towards the destination you were created for. Your answers today are different from last year. You’ll answer differently again in years to come.

When it's time to embark on a voyage of self discovery, you will need a compass. Maps require obedience. Compasses cultivate empowerment. Employing a compass over a map requires curiosity and courage. A willingness to learn as you go. It allows for course correction and tacking. The compass invites adventure and fellow travelers.

Inspirational Jewelry speaks to the heart, mind, body, and soul. It helps us chart out the path we are destined for, our crowning glory. When you are ready to shake up your core values and dive into spirituality to figure out your true purpose, our Power Beads collection has the right tools for you.

Simultaneously powerful and thought provoking, Power Beads necklaces, bracelets and malas, come with a promise of premium quality, original Rudraksha seed beads from Himalayas. Rudraksha have been used by saints and monks since ancient times for self control and empowerment. Discover their divine power and energy, with our blessed and energized Power Beads pieces, each one unique and full of potential. 

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