Russell Brand : A Spiritual Success Story

Russell Brand is a British comedian, stand up artist, actor turned an anti-drugs activist. With a past of troubled childhood, tumultuous youth and career fame, it was easy for him to fall into a life of easy-money, drugs, sex and flamboyance. Brand has described the concept of fame “like ashes” in his mouth. Over the years though Russell has changed his lifestyle into one of spirituality, meditation and fondness for Hare Krishna Movement. Let’s take a brief look at his life changes and how he became a spiritual success story, at least in our eyes.

“I like threesomes with two women, not because I’m a cynical sexual predator. Oh no! But because I’m a romantic. I’m looking for “The One.” And I’ll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time.” - Quote

The famous actor, comedian, and writer Russell Brand has had everything he thought he wanted in life. He had it all: fame, money, women and drugs. Besides his professional success, he was nominated as the “Shagger Of The Year” for three consecutive years by the U.K newspaper, The Sun. In addition to that, PETA awarded him as the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian in 2007. He was living the life that any man can only dream about.

Although this seems like a pretty good life on the outside, inwards things were not so satisfactory. While many people thought he was living the good life, he was experiencing a painful journey. He was diagnosed with adult deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and bipolar personality that led to mood swings from one extreme to another. Around 2004 he went to rehab to treat his heroin addiction after being told he only had six months to live due to his unraveling lifestyle. The year after, he spent some time in Philadelphia treating his sex addiction after declaring that he has slept with more than 2,000 women!

For me, drugs were always like anesthetic, they were medicinal. They were not for fun, the purpose was to search relief from the sense of emptiness” Russell Brand declared in an interview with Yoga Teacher Eddie Stern.

After a prolonged suffering period, he started searching for meaning and reading the works of people such as: Gandhi, Malcolm X, Jesus and Che Guevara. He was trying to understand their journey, and how he could be like them. He started practicing transcendental meditation helping him to recover from his drug dependence and use it to act as a sponsor for numerous people in their rehabilitation stage process. He came to the conclusion that all of his addictions were the result of a lack of spiritual fulfillment.

That was a changing point in his life. From activities which focus on outwards happiness he started working on inner strength and happiness. Around year 2002 Russell Brand, got drawn to Yoga, Spirituality, Meditation and Exploring the path of true happiness.

Nowadays, he has changed his point of view in life. Making big amount of money, having sex with every single woman, or filling the sense emptiness through drugs is not the main purpose in life. This new view on life doesn’t mean a stop to his receiving paychecks or performing stand up shows. Instead, this change means he can channel his income into projects that helped him on his journey of rehabilitation, by building community centers for people to seek help out and many other philanthropic projects. He has come a full circle in life, with more giving to the world than taking.

For the first time in my life I spent more time meditating and practicing yoga than I do fxxxxxx.” - Quote.

Russell Brand’s fashion style has evolved into a relaxed, casual and modern look. You will see him wearing stacks of gemstone beaded bracelets, 108 beads malas and yoga bracelets which he says empower his day. Rudrakhsha Mala is his favorite and you can see it almost every day, wrapped on his wrist or strung around his neck. Here’s a look at some of men’s Spiritual Power Beads necklaces at Forziani, featuring ancient symbols with meaningful powers: POWER BEADS.

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