Forziani is an ethically conscious men's jewelry brand fusing western chic with eastern traditions. Our jewelry designs guide you to quietly reflect on your inner strength and then project it outwards with confidence and determination. Always pointing you towards your true North 🀃

Our Story

At Forziani we aspire to be catalysts of modern fashion styles with spiritually inspired creations that are produced sustainably and ethically. Our vibrant community of bold young men and women just like you, want to travel the world, explore their spiritual side, and live life on their own terms. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, an artist, a music enthusiast, a jet setting executive, or an internet sensation, with Forziani you will find a great community of fellow travelers, who will help bring out the best in you.

We have pledged to use ethically sustainable raw materials, environmentally friendly processes, and fair-trade practices in our design-to-production-cycle, with a promise to you, of great product quality and affordability. Aligning with our cause centric goals, 10% of each Forziani sale is donated to charity ‘Homes of Hope’ to save marginalized and impoverished children from a life of despair on streets.

Together, we have the power to change lives every day. Our jewelry doesn't just look good; it helps create good. Be a part of our team of dreamers and achievers-


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