Summit Series


"When humans harness the power within themselves, there is no limit to as to what they can achieve."


The Summit - Highest point of a mountain, Apex of a journey or as we like to say at Forziani, the Peak of your Aspirations. Each one of us has a desire to attain that One Summit in our lives, which is of unique, personal significance to us. Allow meaningful pieces from the Summit Series inspire you to reach the highest peak of your aspirations, with their meaningful symbolism and powerful manifestations. ⌘


Summit Explore - Forziani

The Summit is a culmination of powerful symbols, sacred meanings and mythological talismans from around the world and across the centuries coming together in an uplifting collection. Each piece, be it a gemstone necklace, a beaded bracelet or mala beads, has symbolic meaning and encourages you to channelize your inner strength and elevate your personal game. Quest for happiness and fulfillment is centuries old and we hope you achieve your highest Summit in life with passion, wisdom and some magical good luck!

Summit For Him - ForzianiSummit For Her - Forziani


"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit, is the answer to the mystery why we climb"

 - Greg Child


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