Successful Celebrities who are Spiritually Rich

We live in a materialistic world where it seems that money, fame, and luxury are the most important things in our lives. Sometimes we tend to lose ourselves chasing these outer things rather than following or discovering our true purpose. We’re are not saying you shouldn’t go after the luxury of a nice house with a 65 feet yacht parked outside, a beautiful woman by your side, or being known and recognized for your biggest achievements. But as has been discovered by many celebrities, getting rich beyond imagination is almost never enough.

You need to have a spiritual wealth along with worldly wealth. As has been the case with numerous celebrities, wealth and fame has often led to a path of certain disaster. Sudden riches have culminated in abuse of alcohol, drugs and other excessives in their lifestyle. But some celebrities have gained success and riches and have become better humans for it. They live a life of inner spirituality and bigger purpose of helping and giving.

Let’s talk about one of my favorite actors, Richard Gere. You may know him as the superstar of Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, and American Gigolo. Or maybe as the successful actor who in 1999 was listed as the Sexiest Man Alive by People’s Magazine, and married to Cindy Crawford one of the most beautiful women in the 90’s. But did you know he also is a Buddhist and a loyal student of Dalai Lama’s teachings? By the time he was in his late twenties he felt confused and was living anxiously. Even though he was thriving as an actor he always felt a sense of emptiness in his life.

Ever wonder why? Having all these “great” things and events happening to him, as a person he still felt incomplete? It’s because other than physical aspects, there are so many other senses which we need to be fulfilled as a human being. As spiritual beings living a physical experience, we cultivate more of outside senses of our being, rather than focussing on what is of importance inside of us. This is how we’re brought up in the society with importance placed on materialistic achievements rather than spiritual growth.

As human beings, our primary goal should be to aspire for spiritual growth, which is sometimes related to our purpose or our mission in life. From there on we should focus on outwardly pleasures of life. In essence, we should grow from the inside out, not the other way round. That is the only for us to achieve a sense of fulfillment and true accomplishment in every aspect of our lives. Riches and Wealth can come to anyone but they only stay with the person who values them for the right reason. It is never too late to start our spiritual journey and start achieving your inner success.

“The drive for happiness is vital, it’s what keeps us in motion” – Richard Gere

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