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REBELL is a DJ and Producer livin' the life most of just dream about! Originally from The Netherlands, he calls Downtown Orlando home and heats up the music scene here in Orlando, Miami and much of South Florida. Forziani Team had a chat with him about his music style and his thoughts on men's fashion.

Forziani Style: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with music

REBELL: I have been a DJ for the last 8-9 years and have constantly been evolving with the industry as it grows. I started performing with the house genres and its sub-genres and evolved into the Basshouse genre by around 2015, which is my main focus now. It also gave me the opportunity to perform with JAUZ (a well-known Basshouse DJ) during his European tour and from there on I slowly started to incorporate more Bass and Trap sounds to my sets. That's how My Brand -  ALL 'BOUT BASS was born. Regardless of the fact that I mainly play Bass and Trap, I can easily include Future Bass, Dubstep and other similar genres into my performances as they all relates to each other. Plus I just love diversity!

Orlando is a constantly growing city, it seems that Electronic Music has taken a firm hold on Orlando. What are your thoughts, and where do you think it's going?

First thing I noticed, was how much Electronic Music is appreciated here. Not only in Orlando, but throughout the States. As for Orlando, I have heard the past 2 years it has been growing enormously. I have been to almost every club in Orlando and I must say, the scene is doing pretty well. Especially when it comes to the whole Bass & Trap scene. I mean, I’ve seen big artists play in the past few months at clubs like Gilt and Venue 578. The fact that I have buddies from back home playing here in Orlando, definitely says enough on how big the scene here is becoming. Can't forget to mention EDC Orlando which has over 30,000 people attending from all over the U.S. So I definitely see the city and it's nightlife growing. There is always something to do 7 days a week!

We read on Twitter that you love art and music and you're inspired by different types of art. What type of art helps inspire your music and how?

That's true; I see art as an outlet for people with different views on life or as a way of expressing themselves. I specially love abstract art - it's an art form where you have to figure out the meaning it's portraying and the reason why it has been put up in that particular way. When I see a painting which lights up a certain emotion in me, I end up expressing that through my music. It's complex but it all goes so well together.

Can you tell us a bit about your tattoos and what inspired you to get them?

I have multiple tattoos all over and each one of them has a specific meaning. If I don't tell you my meaning, you would interpret it in your own way and instill your own meaning into it. That is the best form art and how I like to enjoy it.

Which genre of music inspires you the most?

I am a true connoisseur of good music and can be inspired by any genre. I can listen to Classical music, Movie scores, Motown music, Rock, Hip-hop, Bass or Trap with equal rapture. Each genre has its own meaning when it comes to bringing a certain emotion. Not necessarily all, but a majority of music I listen to, ends up triggering some feelings that end up in my expression of music.

Has fashion style been a big part of your life? When did you start paying attention to style?

It definitely has, I started off fairly young paying attention to what I would wear. I'm not saying I’m the most stylish person around when it comes to fashion, but I like to portray a certain image of myself which goes with the nature of music I play.

When it comes to your mixing style, what DJ's have you taken the most inspiration from.  

When it comes to your mixing style, what DJ's have you taken the most inspiration from.  

The majority of my inspiration comes from my own self. However, there are people that definitely created the possibility for others to embrace all music styles. I have to say artist like JAUZ, NGHTMRE, JoyRyde, Boombox Cartel among others. I like to brand myself with ALL 'BOUT BASS, as it is not just about Bass & Trap. I like to have complete freedom in combining all the subgenres, it can be hard and dark but it can be uplifting and joyful at the same time. But Bass will always be present.  

Who are your favorite up and comers in the music industry?

There are so many up and comers that I really dig, but first and foremost; Out of Cookies is a great up comer. Also, a good friend of mine from back in The Netherlands has some good music coming on and I definitely see him grow in the scene. I also have some upcoming projects with him, ready to be released in the near future. Also the PURGE are one of my favorites, they've got some real good things going on and some very good releases. Some others that are worth mentioning are Bonnie x Clyde, Part Native, Nitti Gritti and Big N Slim. They all got some good interesting music.

If you had to choose one of our own Forziani products, which one would you choose and how would it complement your style? 

Isn't it obvious (wink) - I would choose the black leather bracelet with skulls. I’m fascinated by it. I wear black most of the time and love the dark side of things. The way that piece is designed, stood out to me and speaks volumes about my own personal style. As I think that majority of your products do - each design has its own meaning and attraction to a certain person. I always recommend people to check out what Forziani has to offer for both men and women!

Can you share your contact details and how people can get in touch with you

Sure, my e-mail id for enquiries is : and people can follow me on my social media handles:


Narration: Antonio Battaglia |  Compilation: Diego Pinedo 

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