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Daniela is a professionally trained fitness instructor and a student of masters in Yoga. Originally from Venezuela, she is now settled in Orlando. Forziani Style had a chat with her about her passion for Yoga and how it came to be.

Forziani Style: Tell us a bit about yourself. Your story with Sports, Fitness and Yoga

DANIELA: I am from Venezuela currently living in the United States. I have been practicing sports my entire life. I started getting into fitness at the age of 16 as my father was a bodybuilder and trainer for many years. I remember my dad letting me teach the dancing class when we were short on staff, at the beginning I was scared, but as I practiced I became better. My mother was also a fitness instructor and a massage therapist, so you can say health and fitness run in my blood. After finishing high school, I kept practicing Fit Combat, Zumba, Taebo, TRX and Running. In brief, I tried everything except yoga.

So how did you discover Yoga?

Yoga came to me when I needed the most. I was going through a hard time in my life struggling with personal matters and a friend invited me to a class. At the beginning, I was skeptical because I was used to different type of physical activities, but after a bit of resisting I gave up and decided to gave it a try. Since I started 8 years ago I've never missed a practice in my life. I started practicing once a week, then twice and now I practice every day. The more I did yoga, the more I wanted to know about it. Therefore, I started studying and immersing myself in the spiritual realm. I participated in different workshops such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, The Chakras, Pranayama and Reiki. Currently, I am doing my masters in yoga.

Can you tell us some benefits you have gotten from yoga?

Too many! At a time before discovering Yoga, I was going through a rough patch. Even though I was playing a lot of sports, I still wasn't feeling good emotionally and physically. Subconsciously, my body was being affected by my emotions. I felt sadness, I was angry, I was scared of the future, had low self-esteem and insecurities. In fact, I was always visiting doctors. After I started Yoga, there was a substantial change in me. I started accepting me for who I am, being grateful for everything I had, and more positive on my thoughts. My body got really flexible and the love for myself became stronger. after I started practicing yoga, my skin, digestive system, and immune system improved. Emotionally, I was feeling better with more confidence on myself. I always like to say to my students, Yoga works in silence on your emotions, body, and energy field. It expands your mind and opens your heart.

When it comes to practicing yoga, how would you describe for fashion style?

I definitely like to be comfortable in my outfit, that's the most important for me. I wear leggings, tank tops, with positive messages, and different symbols. I also like to wear Malas, bead bracelets, and rings. I believe each one has a meaning and represents something. The Mat has to be good quality so I don't slip while doing my asanas.

Talking about Asanas, what's your favorite one?

I love all of them, I don't have a favorite one. I think it depends on my mood that day.

Which product of Forziani catalog do you like and why?

I absolutely love the Summit Rose Quartz beaded bracelet! This bracelet makes me feel the love and opens up my heart chakra. As a yoga instructor, my goal is to share the love of life with my students, and the bracelet is a loving reminder to do it. Plus, I have to say it is quite elegant and I can wear in any occasion.

Any advice for anyone who wants to practice yoga?

I strongly suggest that you have an open mind and heart and let the yoga do its work. Focus on your breath, be patient, and you will see the benefits.

Narration and Compilation : Antonio Battaglia

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