Green Jewelry and Green Luxury

The concept of "Green Luxury" is at heart of all our designs at Forziani. All our team is dedicated to creating luxury jewelry pieces that do not hurt the earth or artisans in any way and our customers feel  good about wearing. We have a deep commitment to the environment that permeates the way we do business at every level. Here are some ways we ensure this:

CONFLICT FREE - at Forziani we make sure that our diamonds originate from pure, ethical sources. We believe that high quality diamonds should not come at a great social and environmental cost. Our ethically sourced diamonds originate from mines that adhere to strict labor, trade, and environmental standards.

COLORED GEMSTONES - Gemstones are carefully tracked to ensure they meet our high standards of social and environmental responsibility. We don't let gemstones associated with unethical practices and illegal mining to enter our production house.

RECYCLED GOLD & SILVER - As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we handcraft all of our fine jewelry from recycled precious metals. Our objective is to diminish the negative impacts of dirty gold by reducing the demand for newly mined metals and melting and using existing high quality metal resources.

FREE TRADE - Forziani is committed to Free Trade practices globally. Free Trade guarantees fair wages to artisans, promises wage and gender equality, promotes local economic growth, and empowers mining communities.

Our Mission is to cultivate a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry by upholding the promise of sustainable green luxury every day.