Modern Man's Guide to Jewelry

How to wear Jewelry like a pro - at work, at play and beyond!

1. Wear just one item of jewelry to work, be it a bracelet or a pendant chain, other than your watch and wedding ring.

2. Don't be afraid of layering up though, when the occasion is casual. Mix and match metals, stones colors and textures to bump up your style a notch.

3. Healing Gemstone beads bracelets are always in trend. Favored by celebrities and mindful folks alike, they are always a good option to stack on.

4. Turn up the bling for a party night - steel chains, cuffs and flashy rings are your game.

5. Leather and Steel bracelets are classically elegant and are perfect for wearing with a suit and a tie.


If you're not used to wearing jewelry, begin with a piece which adds style but is not too flashy. Be willing to spend money on a quality jewel crafted especially for men and take your time to experiment and find the right design and mix.


At Forziani we believe in "Affordable Luxury." Our jewelry gets men looking stylish and dapper at fraction of the cost for jewelry available at retail stores.




The whole idea behind Forziani is to keep jewelry elegantly simple for men! You should be able to carry out your style with ease and choose from well designed pieces that allow you to look your best without breaking the bank. Choose from our timeless jewelry designs, specially crafted for men in polished metals, rugged leather, and gemstone beads.